Pinckley Prizes for Crime FictionPinckley Prizes for Crime Fiction

Greater New Orleans Foundation

Women’s National Book Association



Founding donors

Anne and Bill Newton
Graduate Management Admissions Council
Dave Wilson, President
John Pope
Zehno Communications

Florence DeFroscia Andre
Daphne Atkinson
Millie Ball
Joseph Brennan
Marcia Bromberg
Karen Buck
Kathy and Bradley Cain
Emily Clark and Ron Biava
Nicole Chestang
Maryann Cutler Cook
Susan Feeney and Steve Hirsh
The Fertel Family Foundation
Carla Fishman
Foundation for Science & Mathematics Education, Inc.
Sylvia Frey
Denise Germer
Beverly Gianna
Karin Giger
Linda Gray
Annabelle Hebert
Nancy Holland
Paulette Hurdlik
Mary Grey James
Ellen Johnson
Serena and Kirk Jones
Sally J. Kenney
Karen Kersting
Tamara Kreinin and Rosalind Hinton
Peggy Scott and Errol Laborde
Peggy LeCorgne and Jack Laborde
Susan Larson
Jim Lestelle and John Stephens
Sharon Litwin
Mary McCay
Nancy McDuff and David Harvey
Patricia Micklin
Kathleen and Carl Nettleton Times-Picayune
Melinda Palacio and Steven Beisner
Cathy and Hunter Pierson
Lawrence and Diana Powell
Lee and Linda Prout
Evelyn Rodos
Janet Schinderman
Carol Schlueter
Leila Schumacher
Stephanie Stokes and Dan Shea
Martha Sullivan
Tania Tetlow and Gordon Stewart
Teresa Toulouse
Gail Tyson
George and Fran Villere
Christine Wiltz and Joe Pecot
Women of the Storm
Women's National Book Assoc., New Orleans
Summer Wood and Katherine Namba
Sarah and George Young

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